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Gorjuss Sports Bags

Gorjuss Sports Bags Trend alert! Sports bags and gym bags can often be boring (and don’t need to be!)… Make yours a fashion statement with a NEW Gorjuss bag and you’ll be turning heads wherever you are! Whether it’s the hockey club, the tennis court, the football pitch or the swimming pool, carry your kit in style for a winning look! Which one is your favourite?


Gorjuss Shell Pouches

Gorjuss Shell Pouches Always losing make-up in the bottom of your bag? Or maybe beauty essentials are cluttering up your dresser? We’ve all been there! A Gorjuss shell pouch will store your trinkets and treasures in style, all whilst keeping your dresser nice and tidy! They even double up as accessory cases for weekends away, sleepovers and travels… A must-have essential for a touch of Gorjuss organisation!


Gorjuss Rucksacks

Gorjuss Rucksacks School, weekend, festival or holiday companion, our Gorjuss rucksacks will add a stylish look to your next adventure, wherever you are heading! Our pretty pastel Seven Sisters has got your adorable summer look covered, and My Story is perfect for those Autumnal days – that are soon on their way! Which look do you prefer?


Kori Kumi Rucksacks

Kori Kumi Rucksacks Whether you’re going on an adventure or simply doing the daily commute, we think it’s important to have somewhere to store all the belongings and gadgets you need while you’re on the move! Our Kori Kumi rucksacks are the perfect accessory for making sure you’ve always got everything you need with you at all times! Plus, you can’t go wrong with a watermelon and tea party combination.


Gorjuss Notebooks

Gorjuss Notebooks You never know when creative ideas will strike! An adorable pocket-sized notebook will keep your imaginative thoughts and Gorjuss doodles neatly stowed in your handbag. Whether you’re writing a packing list for the next exciting adventure or making notes for a story you’re writing, jot down on the go with these pretty and petite Gorjuss notebooks!


Gorjuss Jotters

Gorjuss Jotters Lists, planning, homework, note-making… write it out with our Gorjuss jotters; the prettiest solution to all of your planning problems! With 7 new designs to choose from, you’ll have one for every occasion! Which is your favourite?


Santoro Mirabelle Pencil Cases

Santoro Mirabelle Pencil Cases Keeping organised can be tricky, but a stylish pencil case always helps! Store all of your favourite pens, pencils and crafting pieces in our striking Mirabelle pencil cases to add a touch of sophisticated, stationery style to your desk! And the enchanting designs are sure to inspire your creative ideas!


Gorjuss Metallic Gel Pens

Gorjuss Metallic Gel Pens Do your notes need a little extra pizzazz? Or perhaps your doodles are lacking a little colour? Our Gorjuss metallic pens are sure to add a shimmer and shine to your next creative endeavour!Perfect for school or college, they will style up any stationery set with true Gorjuss flair!


Gorjuss 2017-2018 Academic Diary

Gorjuss 2017-2018 Academic Diary Gorjuss Academic Diary 2018 . Whether it’s jotting down this week’s homework, pencilling in shopping trips with friends, or simply keeping on track of appointments, lectures and special days, being organised is always important! Be organised in style with a Gorjuss academic diary. Sugar-sweet and oh-so chic, this functional accessory is sure to keep you on track with this year’s plans!


Santoro Kori Kumi Notebooks

Santoro Kori Kumi Notebooks In an age of emailing, tablets, laptops and mobile phones, we think it’s important to have a sweet notebook to keep your thoughts and ideas written down on the go! Our NEW Kori Kumi notebooks are just a delight and are sure to inspire your creativity with their dreamy artworks! Who doesn’t love a Kori Kumi tea party and a watermelon tree?!