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April_20th_2015_animals large accessory cases

Santoro Accessory Cases

Carry all your basics in our colourful accessory cases … just perfect to grab and go! There is plenty of room inside, and you won’t have to worry about toiletry tragedies as they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth! With such a charming aesthetic, they are both practical and stylish.  

Folding shopper bags

Eclectic animal folding shopper bags: Wildwood and Cats with Bowties

Take a look at our new folding shopper bags featuring Santoro’s eclectic designs; ‘Wildwood’ and ‘Cats with Bowties’. They are extremely practical, as you can easily stow them away in your handbag once zipped up in their case. They are just perfect for those unexpected purchases or trips to the supermarket. With two bold designs to choose from, add a bit of character to those everyday chores!

Shoulder bags v3

Coated Animal Shoulder Bags

Take a look at our new Coated Shoulder Bags featuring our eclectic designs; ‘Cats with Bowties’, ‘Scottie Dogs’, and ‘Wildwood’, all as stylish as the next. Ideal for carrying your essentials, make this bag your new fashion accessory. Simply sling it over your shoulder and prepare to shop ‘til you drop!  



CURIOUS CATS 26th November 2014 FUN FACTS ABOUT CATS The ridged pattern on a cat’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint. Cats can run 3mph faster than Usain Bolt Cats make over 100 vocal sounds There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world Cats sleep on average 13 to 14 hours per day Cats can’t taste sweet things Cats have 24 more bones than humans Cats have five toes on their front paws, and four on their back paws A cat can jump up to 5 times its own height Cats dream, just like us, and they …