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Santoro's Eclectic Cards - Tropical Birds

Santoro Eclectic Cards – Tropical Birds

Santoro Eclectic Cards – Tropical Birds Beautifully bright and oh-so elegant, this vintage inspired greeting card has a modern, tropical twist! With chic glitter highlights, it is the perfect way to get in touch with an old friend… everyone loves a little bit of sparkle!

Santoro's Eclectic Cards - Sausage Dogs

Santoro Eclectic Cards – Sausage Dogs

 Santoro Eclectic Cards – Sausage Dogs Colourful cats and contemporary sausage dogs, what’s not to love about our new eclectic card designs? The quirkiest way to brighten someone’s day; send to dog lovers and cat enthusiasts for a message that is sure to be cherished!

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards - Flamingo

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards – Flamingo

Quirky and tropical, refreshing and colourful, the newest additions to our Eclectic Selection of cards are simply a delight. The fun and playful artworks will make you dream of summertime adventures and journeys of imagination. The perfect greetings cards for the most beloved friends!

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards - Butterfly Balloon

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards – Butterfly Balloon

Fly high in the sky in a teacup hot air balloon? Why ever not! This beautifully crafted and creatively designed greetings card is one of the newest to join our Eclectic Selection. With candy pink and pastel purple butterflies fluttering up into the clouds, it is a card for dreamers and make-believers!

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards - Persian Princess

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards – Persian Princess

Persian Princess to Birmen Kittens, who doesn’t love a cat in a hat? These adorable additions to our Eclectic Selection of greetings cards are too cute to resist. Whether you’re sending your loved ones a simple hello or getting in touch with an old friend, they are the purrrfect way to brighten someone’s day!

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards - Dog Biscuits, Cat Cakes, Owl Family

Santoro’s Eclectic Cards – Dog Biscuits, Cat Cakes, Owl Family

Dog lovers, cat enthusiasts and feathered owl fans will simply love our newest greetings card additions! Partnering dogs with biscuits, and cats with cakes, these cards combine tasty treats with playful companions. Sure to put a smile on someone’s face, which is your favourite?


Eclectic Microfibre Cloths

You have got to be kitten me! Say goodbye to misty paw, claw and finger marked screens with our fabulous microfiber cloths donning our whimsical Eclectic artwork including those kitsch cats in bowties. Complete with a convenient tin, the cloths are perfect for popping in your handbag. Useful for cleaning mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, and other electronics on the go.

160815_Eclectic Animals Mugs

Santoro Eclectic Mugs

Perfect for when it’s cold outside, enjoy your morning mocha in one of our stunning Eclectic mugs! Presented in a pretty gift box, and embellished with our Cats in Bowties, Scottie Dogs and Wildwood artworks they’re a perfect gift for loved ones and a stylish addition to your home or office.  



22nd December 2014 LARGE COATED SHOPPER BAG Shopping is a challenge at the best of times, but when it seems that everybody else in the country has chosen the same day as you to visit the shopping centre, it is close to a nightmare. Trying to squeeze yourself through hordes of busy people rushing to snatch the best offer they can find, or dodging unwanted clothes that are thrown left right and centre, makes the experience unenjoyable. The shopping centre becomes a battlefield where manners and politeness no longer exist, as we fight for survival. Though don’t despair, as we …



3rd December 2014 PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION FROM ME TO YOU Choosing a card can be difficult as there is a lot of variety in style, and a countless amount to pick from. If anything it can be seen as a chore as it might take longer than planned and for those that are indecisive, well it’s just not fun at all is it! We believe that the right card is a humorous card. The receiver will smile and maybe laugh, or simply feel nostalgic (always room for a fuzzy and warm moment!). You want a card that really captures a moment, …