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Santoro Kori Kumi Notebooks

Santoro Kori Kumi Notebooks In an age of emailing, tablets, laptops and mobile phones, we think it’s important to have a sweet notebook to keep your thoughts and ideas written down on the go! Our NEW Kori Kumi notebooks are just a delight and are sure to inspire your creativity with their dreamy artworks! Who doesn’t love a Kori Kumi tea party and a watermelon tree?!


Santoro Kori Kumi Pencils & Erasers

Santoro Kori Kumi Pencils & Erasers We think your stationery style is just as important as your daily outfit! Add a touch of fun and dreamy Kori Kumi to yours with our pencils with 2 eraser toppers; you’re sure to be a trendsetter amongst classmates or colleagues with these quirky writing tools! Bird lover or tea enthusiast, they are the perfect way to inspire your next creative doodles!


Santoro Kori Kumi Owl Erasers

Santoro Kori Kumi Owl Erasers Hoooo loves adorable, quirky stationery accessories?! We certainly do! Our NEW Kori Kumi owl erasers will help you to correct mistakes whilst adding a little charm to your school or office desk! Sitting in their own Kori Kumi bags, they peep out of the top and give you a bit of extra motivation whilst you complete your to-do lists. Just a hoot!


Santoro Kori Kumi Lunchbags

An adorable Santoro Kori Kumi lunch bag makes meal times all the more exciting! Make your lunch breaks something to look forward to with our new Kori Kumi lunch bags; sure to be your sweetest office accessory (apart from the cake you may be storing inside!), it is a must-have addition for quirky style! Choose between the pastel Kori Kumi Tea Party and the dreamy Starry Night. Which is your favourite?


Santoro Kori Kumi Memo Pads

Santoro Kori Kumi Memo Pads. Need a notepad by the phone for quick memos and messages? Or perhaps in the kitchen for shopping lists and family reminders? Memo Pads are the dreamiest solution to your note-making problems. With two sweet designs to choose from, you’ll be leaving messages for yourself in true Kori Kumi style!

Kori Kumi bird purses

Kori Kumi bird purses

An adorable companion to keep your pennies and pounds safe, our new Kori Kumi bird purses are the quirkiest accessories around! Cute and compact, choose between 3 different sunlit colours, each with their own floral pattern to detail. The most delightful addition to any handbag; go on, tweet yourself!… Get it?!      

Kori Kumi Owl Case

Kori Kumi Owl Case

Kori Kumi Owl Case – Hooo’s got the quirkiest style around? Channel a unique look with this adorable owl shaped bag; a kitsch accessory for the cutest style! Perfect for days out and carrying your daily belongings, it is sure to make a statement wherever you are. We love owls and we know you do too!  

NEW Kori Kumi double pencil cases

Kori Kumi double pencil cases

Double the pencils, double the fun! What’s not to love about our Kori Kumi double pencil cases? Stacks of teacups, stacks of cake, starry nights and owl friends are all part of Kori Kumi’s dreamy imagination… Sure to style up your stationery set and inspire your creativity!      

Kori Kumi Bird Bag

Kori Kumi Bird Bag

Kori Kumi Bird Bag – The quirkiest accessory for the quirkiest style! These delightful new bird bags are the cutest way to stash your daily essentials. Choose between sunlit yellow, candy pink and lovely lilac, for a colour-popping show-stopping Kori Kumi look! Too sweet to resist, which one would you choose?  

Kori Kumi Spiral Bound Notebooks

Kori Kumi Spiral Bound Notebooks

Kori Kumi Spiral Bound Notebooks – The sweetest way to scribble down your creative thoughts, dreams, stories and adventures, these Kori Kumi notebooks are a stationery essential! Let the delightful artworks inspire your imagination with their sunlit style and blissful colour palette. Whether it’s for school, work or notes on the go, they are perfect for avid writers and aspiring authors!