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Hot Air Balloons - Popnrock™

Hot Air Balloons – Popnrock

Hot Air Balloons – Popnrock – Send family and friends an oh-so unique message; dreamers, wanderers and avid adventurers will love this colourful card of flying hot air balloons! Watch the balloons sway from side to side when rocked, and plan your next travels in style as they soar into the clouds!

New Baby - Popnrock™

New Baby – Popnrock

New Baby – Popnrock – Memories are made on adventures and road trips! Send friends and family a sweet reminder of your travels with a 3D Camping Van Popnrock! Watch the surfboards sway and the boats rock, and you’ll soon be reliving that trip of a lifetime!  


Wedding Car Pop’n’Rock

Treasured memories are not to be forgotten! Send an extra special congratulations with our new Wedding Car Popnrock. The unique 3D paper engineering means you can watch the wedding car sway and guests wave when rocked; reminiscent of that truly wonderful day! Other new designs added to the collection include Motor Racing and a Pink Bouquet; all are available from our webshop now.


Seaside Town Popnrock

Take a trip to the harbour and watch the sailing boats drift by with our Seaside Town Popnrock! One of three new designs, this card is an ideal keepsake for those with fond childhood memories of building sand castles, paddling in the sea, or enjoying an ice cream on a sunny summer’s day. Also new, for coffee lovers we have an inviting coffee shop scene, and for canine enthusiasts a playful display of winners at the dog show.


3 New Popnrocks

For pug lovers everywhere here’s a card that will rock your world!  One of three new designs, this popnrock card features a delightful collective of poppin’ pugs, accompanying a gorgeous display of garden birds, and a studious parliament of owls.


Three new Popnrocks

Three new Popnrocks have been added to the Santoro paper engineered collection. Click here to take a look at the full range and enjoy!

santoro popnrock

New Popnrocks from Santoro!

6 New Santoro Popnrocks have been added to the collection: butterflies, fish, dogs, cakes, sunflowers and cups of tea. Each a wonderful work of paper engineered art. Please click here to take a look, or of course just ask your local Santoro stockist to see them in store.

Santoro Popnrock

New Santoro 3D Popnrocks

Three new Popnrocks have been added to the Santoro collection of 3D rocking cards. This wonderful ‘Night Rainbow’ artwork looks simply stunning as a 3D Paper Engineered card, the ‘Vintage Cats’ has a lovely colour palette and very cute looking cats, and then there is the ‘Wedding Cake’ the perfect Wedding Congratulations card. Click here to take a closer look, or ask your local Santoro stockist to see them in store.

london underground

London Underground Celebrates 150 Years

Congratulations to London Underground who today celebrate 150 years since their first journey. For a selection of our London product click below London Popnrock London Map Bag London Underground Pocket Diary

New Santoro Popnrocks – amazing Pop-ups!

Three New Popnrocks have been added to the Santoro Popnrock Collection. This wonderfully bright and colourful A to Z is my personal favourite, but which one do you like best? As usual each one is amazingly paper-engineered, requires no assembly, has space for a message and rocks away at a touch. Click here to take a closer look or ask your local Santoro stockist to see them in store.