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Mirabelle Satchels

Your next favourite accessory! Functional, fashionable and sure to add elegant flair to your chosen look, who could resist one of our new Mirabelle satchels? With sweet blue colour palettes and delicate floral and butterfly prints, you can get that spring-time feel all year round!

270416_MBL Satchel

Mirabelle Satchels

Santoro loves satchels… And we know you do too! Shapely and structured, sophisticated and stylish, who could resist a classic satchel with enchanting Mirabelle flair? Sure to be your most treasured accessory, there are two new designs available, Butterfly and Traveller’s Rest. An ideal companion for any day time look!

230316_MBL 575EC MBL Large Shopper with Zipper V4

Mirabelle Shopper

Shopping trips have never been more chic! Whether you prefer rose pink with rouge details or enchanting turquoise with floral prints, you’re sure to make a statement with our stylish Mirabelle shopper bags. Sophisticated and elegant, they are perfect for a trip to town, a picnic in the park or even as a work bag!

160316_MBL 469EC02 MBL Rucksack

Mirabelle Rucksack

Be a style icon with this exquisite Mirabelle rucksack! In a majestic turquoise and royal teal colour palette, the bag is beautifully complimented by our Butterfly artwork and delicate print. Perfect for work, school or a trip away, there is ample space for all of your essentials! Glamorous and refined, you’re sure to set a trend!

140316_MBL 396EC04 Rectangular Pencil Case

Mirabelle Pencil Case

Button up with our new Mirabelle pencil cases! Enchanting artworks decorate them both with beautifully rich colours and floral details to finish. The brown button accessorises the cases, and double zip is perfect for extra storage space! The most stylish way to home your stationery and accessories; which one are you, The Secret or Butterfly?


Mirabelle Rucksacks

Travel in style! Whether you’re going to work or school, jetting away on holiday, or simply hitting the gym, Santoro’s new Mirabelle rucksacks are sure to add glamourous flair to your look! The elegant artworks feature amongst vintage inspired colour schemes, and the spacious interior is perfectly practical for storing your possessions; the most stylish companion for any trip!


Mirabelle Accessory Cases

Romantically coloured and with delicate artworks, our new selection of Mirabelle cases are the most sophisticated way to store your stationery and accessories. The floral hues and vintage inspired designs are both glamourous and chic; the perfect addition to your desk or bag!


Mirabelle Set of Three Pens

Add a touch of vintage to your stationery collection with our set of three Mirabelle pens. Whether it’s a story or a letter, a diary entry or a simply a reminder, the romantically designed artwork will inspire your most creative ideas and special thoughts.


Mirabelle Vanity Case

Romantic and sophisticated, this vanity case from Santoro’s Mirabelle collection is a must-have for keeping your make-up, cosmetics and beauty essentials neatly stored. Whether you’re taking it with you on a trip away or simply using it as tidy for your bedroom dresser, the large size and practical compartments are perfect for even the biggest of beauty addicts!


Mirabelle Laptop Backpack

Perfectly practical with sophisticated style, who says you can’t have both? Our Mirabelle backpack is the most-fashionable solution to carrying your laptop. The floral print beautifully complements the elegant ‘If Only’ design, and with buckled straps and a vintage colour palette your glamourous look is complete!