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Santoro 3d Paper Engineered Buildings

News from Santoro: New 3D Paper Engineered Collectable Village

This is a brand new launch from the Award-Winning Paper Engineering team at Santoro. We love paper-engineered products and are over the moon with this new collection. ‘Pop-up Places’ is a village of pop up buildings, each one is supplied fully constructed together with an envelope for sending it. The buildings pack flat, and then with the pulling of two tabs they open right up and lock into shape. Once opened they can be closely examined and all the intricate details in both the artwork and the paper engineering can be taken in. The White Horse Pub shown above has …

santoro swing cards

Swing Cards 3D Pop Up

Swing Cards 3D Pop Up Three more Swing Cards are being released this month, they will be available via your local stockist very soon, or alternatively they can be viewed more closely and ordered here. The brightly coloured woodland tree full of owls is one of our favourites, there is just so much fun and intricacy within the design. The peacock is very striking and on-trend, and the wedding couple adds a new gorgeous alternative to the wedding swing cards. So which do you like best?


Maia Gifts, Glasgow: lovely (Gorjuss) interview

On Saturday the Glasgow Evening News featured an article on Maia Gifts’ new store in Bath Street, Glasgow – we thought that you might enjoy reading it. We were particularly interested in their best-selling product (we’ve drawn attention to this paragraph subtly above!). Thank you Maia!